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Suspended Ceilings

We supply and install all types of suspended ceilings in London and the South East. These range from a vast mix of manufacturers including Armstrong, British Gypsum, Burgess, Ecophon, Rockfon and SAS.

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Office Partitions

Our range of partitions includes glass, solid board, with fire and sound attenuation. We offer a full service office partition package which includes design, build, decoration and maintenance.

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Office Refurbishment

Our range of highly skilled teams work together to provide an effortless approach to refurbishment works.  Working together provides the advantage of ensuring the least disruption and continuity is provided to you.


Suspended Ceilings, Partitioning and Office Refurbishment specialists London.

Swiftsure Interiors, Suspended Ceilings, Partitioning and Internal Refurbishment Specialist serving London the South East and Nationwide Contracts...

For over 20 years, Swiftsure Interiors have been specialising in suspended ceilings, office partitioning and office refurbishment in Central London and the South East.
We offer a full office refurbishment, suspended ceilings, and office partitioning package from start to finish.

The unseen importance of your ceiling

Very often, it can feel like a room is just missing something, and the answer often lies in looking towards your ceiling. When you start looking towards ceiling installations, you are guaranteed to be blown away by the sheer number of options you will have, and this exceptional installation is great for a whole list of reasons you may not even have been aware of. The first thing to know is that the ceiling contractors you rely on will be crucially important, and our team here at Swiftsure Ceilings will never take any shortcuts in our mission to provide completely flawless ceiling installations you can count on in London. There are few things as effective as suspended ceiling installations when looking to give your space a new life, and when our clients have made the decisions to get the project started, Swiftsure Ceilings will be able to provide outstanding expertise and guidance to ensure the end result is a roaring success. Suspended ceiling installations can be for soundproofing purposes, impact resistant fire rating purposes and will have a massive effect on the atmosphere of the room. Partnering with our ceiling contractor team in London is a sure-fire way to ensure the best possible results and dedicated support right from the start.

Specialised ceiling installations can transform any space with ease

Clients in London will be happy to know that their suspended ceiling installation will be able to be customised to their exact style and taste, but our ceiling contractor team will also be able to ensure that every ceiling installation is specifically adapted to the area, such as moisture resistant installations in bathroom areas and much more. Swiftsure Ceilings has been perfecting our ceiling installation expertise and skill for 20 years, and in this time, we have learned how to flawlessly tailor ceiling installation projects to match any and every requirement our clients may have. You will be able to choose specialised lighting setups to create a lovely atmosphere when trusting our ceiling contractor team in London, and regardless of what your vision is, Swiftsure Ceilings will ensure it is a reality. Specialised suspended ceiling installations will be able to take any space from drab and dull to stunningly spectacular, and this is one of the leading ways to modernise any interior space. The difference that a skilled, detailed ceiling installation can make in any room is immense, and this project may have been exactly what your space has been missing.

The stunning effect of modern, trendy suspended ceiling installations

The last thing to do when you decide on a ceiling upgrade is to choose the ceiling contractor who will make it a reality, and clients in London can rest assured that there is no specialist who will be able to match the exceptionally high standards and quality workmanship that Swiftsure Ceilings has become known for in London. The right ceiling installation will have the ability to light up an entire room, and our clients can rest assured that our team will ensure even the finest details are flawless to create a stunning decorative and functional effect that will completely transform their space. There is no better time than now to finally make the leap towards a suspended ceiling installation, and our specialised contractor team will go to every length to ensure our clients in London are blown away by the final results. There is a near endless list of design styles, colours, materials and layouts that clients will be able to use to customise their ceiling installation to meet their exact vision, and with our team on your side, your ceiling design will definitely create a lovely atmosphere and uplift any space. Swiftsure Ceilings takes great pride in the extraordinary ceiling installation results we achieve, and we never fail to deliver on our promise of world class bespoke ceiling installations that exceed all expectations.

Our Services include:

Suspended Ceilings Office Partitions Office Refurbishment Glass walls
Carpentry and Joinery
Kitchens and Bathrooms

Bespoke Furniture
Lighting, Electrical and Data
Plumbing and Joinery
Blinds and Shutters
Lighting Design and Installations

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