Suspended Ceilings South East London

Suspended Ceiling Installations in Yoga Studio

We install all types of suspended ceiling systems in London, the South East and nationwide.

We supply and install various different types of suspended ceilings systems and can provide you with advice on the best system for you or your business. Be it for domestic suspended ceilings, hygiene, soundproofing, impact resistant and fire rating purposes, we can provide a solution. We can also aid with design of systems and/or can work directly with architects etc to provide a hassle free installation.

Suspended ceilings are a trend everyone can get behind

Suspended ceilings are a remarkably advanced installation that have many more advantages than just creating a stunning aesthetic atmosphere, and you can now rest assured that a ceiling installation is exactly what your space needs. Swiftsure Ceilings has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that when clients are looking for a suspended ceiling upgrade, our team is the first and only specialist they call upon. Our team will handle the heavy lifting and ceiling installation details, such as using the right standard plasterboard to create a smooth, effective and lasting suspended ceiling installation that will be everything you dreamed of and more. The great thing about using plasterboard for suspended ceiling installations is that it can be customised to any area, and when this task is left in our trusted hands here at Swiftsure Ceilings, only the highest standards of excellence are guaranteed. It’s becoming more and more common to invest in new, specialised suspended ceiling installations, and anyone who gets behind this trend will soon find just why this is such a revolutionary installation. A suspended ceiling can be designed to match any interior design style, and there are no limits to the design options you will be met with when making this interior upgrade.

The value of investing in a state-of-the-art suspended ceiling installation

Clients can rest assured that the base goal when it comes to suspended ceilings is to create a smooth, clean internal ceiling that makes a real difference in the atmosphere of the room. These ceiling installations will be expertly done to hide all electrical wires, pipework and other infrastructure that otherwise would have been a massive eyesore. Suspended ceilings will also have the added benefit of creating a soundproof barrier in the room, and by using plasterboard, your new ceiling installation will have remarkable insulating properties. Clients who turn to Swiftsure Ceilings will be able to make the most out of a completely flexible installation that will be customised to any design and style requirements they may have, and our team always goes the extra mile to provide innovative, reliable and specialised services and flawless results. The benefit of opting for a specialised suspended ceiling installation is that clients will be able to choose even the finest details such as the lighting layout, and as we all know, the lighting in a room will greatly affect the overall atmosphere.

Traditional vs trendy: why suspended ceiling installations are becoming increasingly popular

Suspended ceilings are not only great for decorating and uplifting any room, but they also hold great safety and functionality benefits that are nothing shy of revolutionary. Swiftsure Ceilings has gained an unbeatable list of accreditations and commendations of excellence that sets our ceiling installation services apart from everything else, and this is why clients never think twice about turning to our trusted team. A suspended ceiling is most often installed using plasterboard, and this makes for a greatly customisable effect, but also provides greater ease of access to the inside of the ceiling when necessary. The trend of suspended ceilings is catching on at an astounding rate, and clients who have already made this leap can attest to the remarkable benefits that follow. Suspended ceilings can be quite a science, and our team here at Swiftsure Ceilings will be able to use specially designed plasterboard and unmatched expertise to create a stunning end result. The only thing that is standing between you and the suspended ceiling installation of your dreams is a single phone call to our trusted team. Suspended ceilings are on the rise every day, and it’s only a matter of time before this revolutionary new ceiling installation becomes what absolutely everyone wants in their home or office.


Our Suspended Ceiling Systems include -

MF Plasterboard Concealed Framed Systems

Plasterboard Suspended Ceiling Systems

A plasterboard concealed framed system gives an overall smooth appearance and can be installed in various locations using different standards of plasterboard, such as moisture resistant for wet areas including bathrooms and kitchens, impact resistant for sports areas, sound and fire proofing.

Lay-in Exposed Suspended Ceilings Systems

Lay-in Exposed Suspended Ceiling Systems

We have provided a few examples of the most popular types of ceiling tile but please be aware that we can supply and install any ceiling tile/system you may require.

Here are a just some of the manufacturers we use -
• Armstrong
• British Gypsum
• Burgess
• Donn USG
• Rockfon

Typically, exposed systems are normally suspended either on 15mm or 24mm grid system and tiles either square or tegular (rebated) edged in design.

Specialist Detail Works including Bulkheads, Light Trough Details

Commercial Suspended Ceiling Systems in London
Office Suspended Ceiling Systems in London

An increasing amount of our works are for specialist lighting and display features and for which Swiftsure are expert in. These details are formed using a variety of materials depending on contract, existing decorative features and contractual/legislative demands. We are able to offer our extensive knowledge in the design of these and can suggest ceilings details to suit your requirements and budget.

Contact us for a free suspended ceilings installation quote or any further information regarding Suspended Ceilings.